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A Beginning Photography Class


I am offering my beginning photography class again in August. Photography has been a passion of mine FOREVER. I started with a Polaroid in grade school and moved on to an SLR camera in 7th grade. I had an awesome 4H leader that was a photographer and taught us how to use our cameras, composition, and darkroom work. My passion was ignited!

I get so excited every time I hear of someone interested in getting to know their camera better. Frequently I hear from a new mom or dad that finds themselves with the perfect new little subject and wants to be able to document their little one's everyday events. We all know that those first years are so hectic and usually that camera stays in auto because there are too many other priorities. That is why I decided to offer a crash course in learning the technical aspects of the DSLR to jump start people in what will hopefully become a rewarding hobby.

I have decided to add an hour to the beginning photography class because I didn't feel like we had enough time to play with our settings the last time I held the class. I have to admit, I may have been too chatty. We will be meeting in Littleton this time, but people from all over are welcome! Email me at to register.


  • Three Hours Of Instruction By Kathy Spanski Photography
    • Exposure Triangle
    • How to get blurry backgrounds
    • How to stop motion
    • How to get properly exposed landscapes
  • Full Workshop Manual For Your Reference
  • Cheat Cards To Keep In Your Camera Bag
  • Snacks And Fun With Some Really Awesome People

This class is for anyone who has a DSLR and would like to learn how to use it in Manual Mode. Take better pictures of your kids, dog, flowers in your yard, or the beautiful Colorado scenery.

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