Gratitude / Bowling Green, KY Photographer

I've decided to work on a few personal projects this year.  I've attempted a Project 52 (a photo a week) the past two years and haven't made it past May or June.  This year I opted for a more personal and uncomfortable subject and figured a Project 12 would be plenty!  One photo a month in my chosen subject matter in the year 2013.  The subject, you ask?  Wait for it...SELF PORTRAITS.  Like most moms and photographers, I'm NEVER in photos.  Quite honestly, I don't like looking at myself much these days.  I feel its important for us women to get behind the camera though.  To have photos with our children.  To document the everyday.  How can I preach this, if I don't do it myself, right??  I don't know how many of these photos will actually make it to the blog, but I will print them for my boys. I have also decided to give myself the theme of 'gratitude' this year.  I decided this while laying on the couch New Year's Day cruising Pinterest and looking at all the sweet gratitude journals everyone was pinning.  I was thinking that it was time to concentrate more on everything I have to be thankful for and document it.  Some events have happened over the last week that will make this project a little harder, but all the more important.  I'll have to push myself a little more to concentrate on all the things I am blessed with, but that's probably when its most important to do it.  It will help keep life in perspective.

That brings me to this photo.  As I was laying on that couch on New Year's Day, my kids were playing with some really good friends that had spent the night and lazed about with us the next day.  I love these guys like they are family.  I am so thankful that they were brought into our lives and know they will be with us through thick or thin.