M & M NICU Session in Denver, Colorado

Oh, my heart. When you walk into a NICU session you know you are going to hear a story of strength and miracles. This definitely fit the bill. These boys were a miracle from the day they were conceived. Mama entered her IVF cycle for her second child by implanting one, rather than two embryos to reduce her chances of twins.  Well, the Universe had different plans for her family. The embryo split and she was pregnant with identical twins! They would now become a family of five, not four. As the babies grew, they found out their umbilical cords had fused into one, which meant they were competing for nourishment. Mom and Dad were told that there was little to no chance for either baby to survive. Mom took to fighting for her little guys and was checked into the hospital. She spent at least a month in the hospital doing nothing but giving these guys a chance at life. They were born at 28 weeks and guess what, they are perfectly sweet and THRIVING. They will hopefully be making their trip home from the NICU in the next few weeks.

  1. It is rare for an embryo to split in two. 
  2. It is EXTREMELY rare for two umbilical cords to fuse together.
  3. It was impossible for these babies to survive.

This family is laughing in the face of 'THIS CAN'T HAPPEN'.

I have been volunteering with The Tiny Footprints Project for four years now and this has to be one of the most amazing stories I have heard. Talk about a miracle. I hope to follow this family's journey into the future. These guys have to be destined to greatness and this Mama has superhuman strength. To learn more about The Tiny Footprints Project, visit their page.