Marketing Small Businesses Using Documentary Photos

Tell Your Small Business Story

As a small business owner myself, I love learning about other people following their passions.  Each small business has a unique story to tell and a connection to make with their clients.  I believe documentary photography can make an impact in a way words can’t.  I am on a mission to tell those stories! It is one thing to tell people about your business, it is quite another to show your heart - the why and what behind your passion. By designing a documentary photography session to market your business, you can create emotive images that create a stronger connection between you and your customers. 

I am building my 'Small Business Storytelling’ portfolio and am looking for a few small businesses to participate.  This is a great way for you to get images that you can use in promoting your own business. Since I am currently building my portfolio to highlight these types of sessions I am offering 2 hours of session shooting time and 4 complementary images (high resolution with a web optimized version of each) in exchange for your time and for sharing your story.  You will be given rights to use these images in the marketing of your small business.  If you are interested, I will send you a short questionnaire to touch on the WHY behind your business.  We will start with the reason behind your business, your mission, your passion, your love and design then shoot around that.  

It is time to tell your story and connect with your customers on a deeper level!

Don't live in the Denver area?  No problem!  I can travel to you for the cost of travel.

Small Business Marketing