My Photography Passion {Family Photographer - Golden, CO}

My passion for photography is fueled by my lifelong drive for connection. I have had a book concept in my mind since college that I have never gotten around to writing.  It would be a collection of short stories focusing on moments. We cruise through life, but the most important parts are these little moments.  A moment can make you, it can crush you, it can make you laugh and it can make you cry. The compilation of moments is what makes you. Those moments are the connection. In traditional portrait photography, you pose and direct and capture that perfect shot. The really hard part is capturing those moments, the connection, the in-between. That is what drives me. This is why I steer my photography away from posed and try to concentrate on interaction.  I understand people want 'that perfect family shot' for their holiday card and I will get that for you.  I understand the need. My real desire, though,  is to also provide you with images you will look at a decade from now when your child is graduating from elementary school and you say 'Oh my god, remember when he would always do that?', 'Remember when she would always make that face?', 'Remember when that stuffed bunny was always in her hands?'. I want to capture that curl in his baby fine hair that will go away forever once he has his first haircut.  I want to see your daughters practice their secret handshake. I want your son in his Spiderman costume while he is decorating a gingerbread house in December (that was my son!).

I have been thinking a lot about moments lately and how to not only capture those moments but to live in the moment.  I remember when my youngest went off to kindergarten and he was so little and innocent with his Lightning McQueen backpack. I looked at the 6th graders who looked so huge and grown up.  I couldn't imagine him being that big. Now I stand in front of the school at pick-up waiting for this kid that is getting increasingly closer to being as tall as me and look at the little kindergarteners and wonder WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? It has all flown by so fast and despite trying to be present, I feel like I spent a lot of it looking towards the next step, the next move, the next stage. I wish there was a way to rewind and get a little glimpse of this moment or that one. That is why pictures are so important.  It really is the only way we can go back and visit the past.  My sincere desire is to give you that gift.  The gift of time travel. The gift of your moments captured.