let's tell your story

My goal is to capture authentic interaction between subjects that don’t feel composed or out of the norm. What does this mean? It means fewer poses, more fun, more you. Each session is designed just for you to show off your everyday. Real smiles, real laughter, real hugs, and real kisses.



I love outdoor sessions purely for the opportunity to take advantage of the most beautiful lighting. I truly believe in the transformational power of beautiful sunlight. I understand that having your children up early for sunrise, or having them stay up late for sunset, may affect their mood and sleep schedule slightly, but it has always been worth it.

For outdoor sessions, we can discuss a variety of options that match you and your family’s personality best. Do you like going for walks in the woods, or enjoying picnics in a meadow? Does your family love the water and are you all willing to jump in? Outdoor sessions can really bring a magical feel to your images. Some of my favorite places to shoot are the woods, a field of tall wheat grass, a farm, a beach or stream, berry picking or a field of flowers! What is your vision and what outdoor area really captures your family best? Let’s discuss your ideas!


From sun up to sun down or for just a few hours, Day In The Life sessions are the way to truly document the magic of your everyday. Imagine capturing your toddler as she crawls into bed with you for a slow wake up and morning snuggles, pancake breakfast and your morning walk. The shoot can extend through your daily activities all the way to bed time when you tuck your little ones into their beds. 

There can be nothing more comfy and carefree than shooting a family in their own home. Picture your kids jumping with glee on your bed while you come in with your partner to all collapse in the blankets and pillows in a heap of laugher, cuddles and tickles! If you choose an in-home session, I am thrilled to be part of your everyday interactions. An in-home session often allows children to relax more and gives space for the family pet to photobomb as much as possible! I can capture you reading stories, making pancakes, having a kitchen dance party or just hanging out together. The options are endless. 




I can't tell you what an honor it is to be invited into the most intimate of life events. I don't take on a lot of birth clients because I want to really be able to concentrate on my client during the final days of their pregnancy, which can be full of anxiety and anticipation. Two weeks before your due date I go on call until the day your baby decides to arrive. I'm there to capture the raw strength and emotion as you bring your baby into this world. Some of my favorite moments are the pure strength a woman displays during birth, the moment that baby makes his way out of the womb and into his mother's arms and the flood of elation that comes as a mother or father sees their baby for the first time. I can stick around after the birth to also capture any other family members that may be there to meet the little one for the first time. 


Common add-ons - Maternity Photography, Fresh 48, Newborn Documentary Session 



Typically done in the first month of your baby's life, I come to your home to capture the details of your life with your little one. These might be my favorite sessions. There is so much to capture from the little details of eyelashes, and tiny toes, your journey through motherhood or fatherhood, siblings early interactions and the actual family home where so many of those early days are spent.

Common Add-ons - A Year In The Life Package which includes milestone sessions and ends on baby's first birthday.



Thirty minute session to capture the newness that starts to fade just days after your newborn enters the world. These can be done either in the hospital or at home. It is also a nice way to capture siblings and other family members meet the baby for the first time.


A session designed just for you and all about you. I find that some seniors want the whole experience with multiple clothing changes and different backdrops, but others just want to get their photo for the yearbook and be done. Then there are those pesky braces, so some want to do a quick session in the fall to get their yearbook photo and then another session in the spring after those braces are off. Because of this, I offer personalized sessions that will fit your need and budget.


There is a $250 session fee due at the time of booking secure your date. Packages start at $475 and average investment is $1200. I offer a full product line of prints, wall art, albums and digitals. I would love to work with you! 

If you are a small business and interested in branding photos, contact me for more information.