Rethink Your Family Photo Session | Family Documentary Photographer | Colorado

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I’ve been thinking a lot about why family documentary photography is so important to me. The other day I saw someone’s Instagram Stories about how hard it is to have two babies less than two years apart. This sent me down a spiral of memories on how hard this really was. It’s hard people! Those early years are a blur. One baby was barely walking (I mean only weeks in) when the second baby was born. They both had reflux and Torticollis. One had sensory processing disorder on top of that. At one point we were headed to physical or occupational therapy three days a week.

No matter if it one kid or five, those early years are hard. In the midst of all that chaos though, are these moments of light, clarity, and immense love. I remember sitting on the couch with Leo after Henry went down for his morning nap and we would share a bowl of oatmeal. Or how he would cuddle next to me drinking milk from his sippy cup as I fed Henry a bottle. Just important are those moments of chaos and hilarity like when I was feeding a newborn Henry and Leo was sitting on the floor next to the glider drawing on the wall and all I could help but think was ‘at least I know where he is’. Or when I spent the better part of a day holding a screaming, reflux suffering, unconsolable Henry while Leo clung to my leg crying because he wanted my attention and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry myself.

Family documentary photos are about showing your family in it’s glorious REALNESS. Capturing the beauty in your everyday - your family connection, the magic of what happens in those little moments during the day. Showing your child laughing at the family dog as he licks up her ice cream on the floor. Featuring you consoling your child after he has stubbed his toe for the millionth time and just like every time, is convinced it has to be broken. Highlighting your little one cuddled up with their little lovey after a day of play ready to crash into dreamland. It is about your life as art.

I recently ran into this article by Bay Area Photographer Jenna Christina that explains the value of documentary sessions and reasons some people may think it isn’t for them (and why it is!). I don’t think I can say it any I’ll just link it right here.

If you are curious about family documentary sessions and how they can fit for your family - don’t hesitate to reach out to me.