Brand New | Newborn Photographer

Did you know I offer newborn hospital sessions?  Those first moments are a blur of emotion and sleep deprived haze.  Looking back nine years ago today to my own son's birth, I struggle to remember those little details of him in his bassinet with the white hospital tee and tiny little diaper that he quickly outgrew.  His skinny little arms with those big hands and long fingers that made us all sure he was going to be a piano player.  He has yet to agree to a lesson.  Those moments are fleeting and the years go by too fast. This summer I had the pleasure of photographing my niece and her latest addition - Little 'Gus-Gus' with his tiny little feet and his rockstar ability to breast feed right out of the gate.  He has two big sisters (one a little big sister) that will watch over him as he grows up.  Just thirty minutes at the hospital to capture those little details gives you an album of memories to last a lifetime.

Welcome Baby Gus!