The Tiny Footprints Project | Newborn Photographer

I am proud to be a contributing photographer for  The Tiny Footprints Project.  This incredible organization provides complimentary photo sessions for NICU families.  It is such an honor to be allowed in to document those early days of a newborn's life during a time that is obviously filled with so much emotion and stress for the family.  It is such an intimate setting. A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting little fraternal twins who were born at 33 weeks.  The babies were undergoing an oxygen test the day I was there, so we had a hard time getting the two together.  When the parents did pick them both up and held them close to each other they turned to face each other.  It was just so sweet!  Then there are those toes.  LITTLE BITTY BABY TOES!  GAH!  There is nothing better than little baby feet in my book.


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