Denver, Colorado - Newborn Photographer - Baby A in the NICU

The Tiny Footprints Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that matches affiliated photographers with families of newborns living in the NICU to provide a complimentary documentary portrait session. 
The photographers capture the newborns earliest moments and are a part of the families precious beginnings. When we first moved to Colorado, I wanted to take some time off from my business to help my boys get settled. I still wanted to be able to shoot and knew I would have some time while they were in school. I began to look for organizations I could use my skills to help in some way. This is when I stumbled across The Tiny Footprints Project. It was a fledgling organization with a big heart. It has grown quickly and I am so proud of how the leaders have handled this boom while maintaining its integrity.

Baby A was born at 29 weeks and has had to fight for his life since day one. He has multiple congenital heart defects that have required already one surgery and will require more as he gets older. He is fighting and thriving. That is what never ceases to amaze me. These little babies seem so fragile, but they have so much strength. I'm sure much of that strength comes from their mommas.