My Latest Food Obsession-Golden, Colorado Photographer

I have a new food obsession. Seriously I crave this stuff. I have been trying to eat low-carb and desperately need quick and easy things to make for myself. Quick and easy because if it isn't, I'll find an excuse to eat a big old sandwich or something. A friend of mine introduced me to this insane goodness. In the name of all things holy, how did I ever survive without this stuff! Just look at it. It's an everything bagel...WITHOUT THE BAGEL! WHAT? Trader Joe's, I love you. Ok, so I realize I have a loaf of crusty, yummy bread in my photo. I didn't eat it, I swear. If you wanted though, you could put a smear of cream cheese and then some of the seasoning blend on it, and it would be awesome. I didn't though. I just used that yummy piece of loveliness to add depth to my photo. Seriously, I didn't eat it.

What I do use the seasoning for is chicken! I love creating a crust on chicken breasts followed by baking and chopping it up into bite-sized pieces. I then use it during the week when I throw together a salad. One of my current favorites is this avocado/chickpea chicken salad. The Everything but the Bagel adds the perfect little kick. I'm attaching a link to this recipe, but I just kind of improvise.

For this batch I used one avocado, one can of chickpeas, a little onion, a little mayo, a fair amount of mustard some fresh lime juice and then some cubed chicken crusted in this yummy goodness. It is so good I did not refrigerate it for a half hour before eating. I just dug right in. Right out of the bowl. I did refrigerate what was leftover and ate the rest the next day. It did bring out a bit more of the onion.

This post has nothing to do with photography. I just had to share my new obsession. It is tempting to just keep it to myself, but I'm a sharing and caring kind of person. Rush your little butt down to your Trader Joe's right now and get yourself a couple of jars of this. I promise you won't regret it.

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